International fees

THE REGISTRATION PORTAL IS NOW OPEN FOR THE 2020-2021 VIRTUAL EVENTS of the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress. For more information and further announcements, please visit the Virtual Events page and the COVID-19 page.


The registration for the in-person ISOCARP Congress in Doha, which will take place in November 2021, will commence in March 2021.

The various international fee categories below are valid for all the virtual activities of the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress. These are classified into two ticket groups: (1) For ISOCARP members or (2) For all other participants who are NOT members of ISOCARP.  Different registration procedures apply for nationals and residents of Qatar. For more information, please visit the local fees page.

*Fees include access to and participation in the virtual or in-person meetings of the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress "Post-Oil City: Planning for Urban Green Deals" hosted by Doha, Qatar, 2020-2021.

(1) Fee includes 1-year membership of ISOCARP for urban and regional planning professionals only.

(2) Available only for participants FROM and RESIDING in developing countries. Kindly check if your country of nationality and residence is on this list and send us proof of status at 

(3) For YPP workshop participants and authors of papers, born in or after 1985.

(4) Available to full-time students enrolled in a college or university, born in or after 1990. Proof of status required to finalise registration.

(5) Open for all members and followers of ISOCARP. Presentations of Institutional Members and Award for Excellence Laureates. 

(6) Participation exclusive for ISOCARP Members registered to the 56th WPC in Doha in-person Congress and on application and invitation only.