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SDG 11 provides the opportunity for urban development from the perspective of sustainability transitions. There is a need for deep systemic transformations that are the result of unlearning unsustainable ways of managing the cities, their economies, and finances. There is a need to understand and emerging sustainable ‘niches,’ driven by transformative agencies and networks such as the one envisaged by the Pavilion Scales of Impact Local Level (Toronto): Cities are one of the most complex systems in the world. The majority of evaluation tools currently available for cities lack the ability to utilize urban big data for analysis of the complex system. We will address lead this challenge by using urban big data to conduct empirical urban research and implement City Prosperity Index (CPI) to solve various urban problems through close collaboration with the City of Toronto and other global cities. The Pavilion will play a key role in shaping the future of cities. The Pavilion will be a living laboratory for different case studies of regeneration and we will partner with cities and provide them with different evaluations and assessments using urban evaluation indicators and tools that will help in analyzing, planning and monitoring urban policies geared towards the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Provincial Level (Ontario): Best practices in Toronto will be more easily transferrable to other cities in Ontario as these cities share similar context, compared to cities in the Middle East, for example. However, through data collection and assessment based on CPI’s, it will allow the data to be compared with global cities. The Pavilion will be a gathering place for all Ontario city leaders, including but not limited to city officials, civil society, private sector, and academia, to come together and discuss new approaches of sustainable urbanism and urban renewal. The Pavilion will strengthen the network of city leaders of all cities in Ontario to work together toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in urban settings with a special focus on SDG 11. At the national level: based on the similarities between Canadian cities identified through CPI data collection, we can share knowledge on how to transform cities to provide more prosperity and enrichment of urban cities, public participation, and urban economy. We will have a specific impact on the Canadian scale. The Pavilion will identify projects across Canada and provide support by using CPI to access the resources of the network to building sustainable cities that are safe, inclusive, and resilient International Level (Global): Expanding our network to involve more exemplary projects such as the Regent Park Revitalization with great positive impacts in different countries will allow us to build the capacity to support other projects with great potential in more direct ways by creating assemblies and accessing financial resources from the United Nations and other relevant local and international institutions. Place: The physical space of the Pavilion will be located in office space currently under construction within the Regent Park community.
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