Sustainable resources of Urban Economy

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One of the main approaches to sustainable urbanization strategy is to find appropriate resources for promoting the quality of life via developing infrastructure and extending facilities and support urban life by facilitating public access to meet their needs. Generally, unsustainable lifestyle practices of urban societies in recent decades have resulted in environmental and wildlife challenges. Indicators confirm that many of these actions and often wrong planning have led to an unsustainable, current situation. The insatiable, consumption-based economy has created many complicated challenges in different, and complicated ways and these need the diagram analyzed accordingly using necessary criteria. Meanwhile looking from the urban window some of the main features of the malaise can be recognized and on the basis of that, we will be able to create a kind of global agenda for urban planning towards a fundamental and sustainable transformation. To realize this overarching agenda, the provision of sustainable and reachable resources is vital. Before starting this conversation we need to have a macro manifesto and philosophy about our dream, we need to define what kind of world we are looking for? The answer is political and will be shaped on the basis of our understanding and our responsibility to human life. Then we will search for available resources, from the other hand our view toward resources provide some specific angle to life. So the current lifestyle needs to be changed. To reach this point we need to change the dominant mindset. Another challenge is that current lifestyle ties with market and economy trends which highly depended on the current capitalist system and its approach to life in the world. So to change that foundation, the model of sustainable urbanism is needed so that we are able to analyze and discuss all aspects of the quality of life in this model to deeply understand the criteria of it. in another word, how can we redefine our economic and social systems so that they facilitate future growth while also protecting our environment and planet? Based on that we can approach a new urban economy on the basis of sustainable resources and a specific diagram and discipline will participate in it. To realize this idea a clear statement and belief is needed. We expect that the outcome may be under undue pressure of the global political and economic forces because the new model is looking for creating fundamental changes to the current trends and turning to the new paradigm and world development system. To reach this level of transformation this article will focus on the following aspects: 1- This article will review the top alternative models of the current urban economy. 2- It will Examine and analyze the interaction between understanding, recognizing the main challenges of important points between the concept of life at a macro perspective and the current state of economic circulation in cities and expressing clear key points 3- This article will be based on the city Prosperity Index of the United Nations and also on indexes of the quality of life in order to introduce a model of sustainable urban lifestyle, which will be introduced as a ‘dream’. As planners, we need to help cities promote self-reliance by redesigning the city in such a way that there will be a balance between external dependency and self-reliance 4- It will provide some example of top priorities on sustainable resources to active the goal 5- The article will review and create a general model of urban leadership based on sustainable resources of the urban economy. Keywords: urbanism indexes, urban economy, lifestyle, transformation, sustainable resources, sustainable model
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2: Ensuring the Economic Diversity and Resilience
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