Climate changing affect on livability research and study of heat waves impact on city

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As global warming worsens, climatic condition in many regions is going through profound changes which could affect the livability of cities. The climate changing condition impacts is likely to affect many urban system world wide. The evolution of heat wave risk in cities is related to regional climate change. Destruction of greenaries and naturally cooling water bodies are some of the major reasons causing prolongacted periods of abnormally hot weather, it affects different aspects of life in a city including human health, surrounding nature, critical infrastructure the economy and essential services. However Raipur the capital of chattisgarh can among one of the vulnerable ones due to huge loss of natural water bodies since its development. Acquisition of the natural environment can be most effective for the sustainability of livable cities. Wherever, demolition of buildings to make forest is one of the measures taken in Raipur city. The study aimed at, with assistance to this idea of afforestation, buildings can be constructed by installing green spaces, green roofs, bamboo shading screen. Which can improve, the livability and draw up the position of the city in livability index. The idea is to unfurl the concept of well planned development of city, which can withstand with changing climatic condition.
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7: Shaping Liveable Places
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