15-minute community life circle---planning on aging-friendly public open space

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In modern times, the scale of aging population is expanding rapidly and the trend is becoming more and more obvious, "home based care " model has become an essential approach to solve the problem of aging population in China. 15-minute community life circle is expected to be the basic unit in building livable community in Shanghai in the next few years, and the aim of this life circle is to advocate providing essential services and public spaces within walking distance. Therefore, it is of great significance to incorporate aging-friendly plan into community life circle. First of all, the average walking speed of the elderly is set as three kilometers per hour in this paper. Therefore, the walking distance corresponding to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes walking circles is 250 meters, 500 meters and 750 meters. Then, through questionnaires and interviews, this paper surveys more than 100 elderly people about activity types at different distances in Xiafu nursing home and Hengyang community, and finds that public space suitability and road connectivity are the main reasons affecting the use of the elderly. After that, by analyzing the changes of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the elderly, as well as the rules of their behaviors and activities, this paper summarizes the influence of above elements on the public open space. It is concluded that aging-friendly public open space planning should meet the principles of safety and comfort, functional diversity, rationality of distribution and road connectivity. Finally, this paper proposes optimization strategies from the aspects of spatial arrangement, walking system construction, site element organization and infrastructure, so as to provide the optimization for the community pension spaces and environment with certain inspiration.
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