Application Research of The Chinese Traditional Ecological Wisdom

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In the transition period of China's urbanization rate reached 60%, the excessive stage from the traditional industrial civilization to ecological civilization is the inevitable choice. In the transition period, we cannot only absorb the western development experiences of eco-city, but also should combine China's traditional ecological wisdom from the agricultural civilization during thousands of years. In this paper, the author analyses the concept and origin of traditional ecological wisdom, the related research status and development trend at home and abroad. Collect and select the technique or technology which is full of ecological value or representative, the ecological engineering which is time tested or benefited by ten thousand generations in certain region of China, establish a case base of the Chinese traditional ecological wisdom. On this basis, research the ecological concept, principles, strategies and methods of these cases. Construct a set of system principle to concise wisdom and draw the outline of urban soul. Finally, combining with China's environmental problems since the industrialization and the various problems encountered in the process of ecological city construction, to explore how to use the ecological wisdom spectrum guiding the sustainable studies, planning, design and management of the contemporary urban. Through the study of this article, it has the theory significance by constructing the principle of traditional ecological wisdom. It has the cultural meaning by inheritancing the traditional culture essence. It also has the practical significance by discovering the power source of the eco-city construction in the future.
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5: Focusing on Heritage and Smart Culture
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