Study on the evolution of rural land use function in developed areas of China

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Under the background of "zero growth" of land use, there are many researches and explorations on the stock renewal of central urban areas in traditional planning. However, in recent years, the rural-led stock land use planning has attracted more and more attention with the development of land space planning. Village area is the basic unit of rural social and economic activities in China. The rational play of land use function in village area has important theoretical and practical significance for the realization of the multi-objective of rural revitalization under ecological civilization. Department of natural resources has issued the work pilot implementation of global land comprehensive improvement notice, rural red line "no increase of the aggregate land for construction purposes, ecological protection not breakthrough", so without any increase in construction land index on the basis of further promote rural land use composite function, is to solve the rural economy development and the important direction of rural land supply contradictions. This paper first makes a qualitative theoretical study on the compound mechanism of land use function in the village, and then takes four villages in jinxi town, kunshan city, suzhou as examples to elaborate the compound mechanism of land use function in the development process. The results show that: (1) land use function changes due to its type and land use mode, and is indirectly influenced by natural resource endowment, social and economic conditions, regional policies, etc., the compound trend of land use function in different types of villages is often different; The land use function of the four villages in jinxi town is as follows: the production function is transformed into the production-ecological composite function, and the living function is transformed into the production-life composite function. (3) summarize the planning of the basic ideas and function of the complex process, refine the agricultural land, unused land and construction land has the implementation of the functional complex strategy.
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2: Ensuring the Economic Diversity and Resilience
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