12th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management / Tehran Urban Forum (TUF 12)

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12th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management Tehran Urban Forum (TUF 12) ABSTRACT Tehran urban research and planning center (TURPC) has the mission of promoting and advancing Tehran's urban problem-solving and urban development planning by managing all of Tehran's municipal study processes. These processes include thinking, researching, studying, innovating and finding new solutions and appropriate actions to accomplish the tasks and duties of the municipality of Tehran that include monitoring, evaluation and updating of the master plan utilizing specialized forces and up-to-date technologies. Tehran urban research and planning center has held 11 courses of festival for developing scientific arguments, exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and transferring successful urban management experiences and this year it will be held as a Tehran Urban Forum or TUF 12. The event, which has been promoted over the past decade from the municipality to national and international levels, has provided an opportunity for the academic community to solve urban challenges. In order to support the realization of the "Tehran, city for all", the 12th festival of Research and innovation in Urban Management, with a focus on urban innovation, will be held jointly with the “7th Festival of Research and Education in Urban and Rural Management”. The event is planned with the participation of institutions, universities, urban research and innovation centers, knowledge-based companies, science and technology parks, scientific associations and with the idea of taking advantage from the latest scientific products and creative solutions to urban challenges. The goals of the festival include: • Identification the scientific, creative and innovative methods of solving urban problems, • Networking and communicating with scholars, urban elites and academic community, • Completion the components of urban science and innovation chain, • Strengthening the application of theoretical research, scientific achievements and sharing global experiences; The works in form of theses, books, papers and innovative research projects were evaluated under 16 main topics including: Urban Planning and Architecture Teleworking and human resources development Urban Services, Environment and Energy Communication, Media and Information Finance and Urban Economy Applying Research Projects Transportation and Traffic Urban Policy-making and Futures Study Urban Governance and Management Urban Innovation Social and Cultural Urban diplomacy Safety and Crisis management Urban Health Urban Development Management Regional and Rural Management
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4: Safeguarding the Urban Resilience