"Wishes of Tehran" campaign

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How it has been done; A joint working group from four different organization of the municipally run the whole process. At the same time, a member of city council supervise the campaign. At the micro level, the district council secretaries which are deeply connected with local communities, report weekly about the problems and facilitate the process and related activities. A website has been launched to connect people together and people with authorities. The information shared on the site reviews daily, and people's questions get answered by authorities every single day (there are also guidelines for wishes; they should be in the context of neighborhood, they should be in the context of collective desire and not the individual ones, they must be implementable within the jurisdiction of the district municipality. Also the wishes should be rated by fellow citizens and a wish should be one the most favorable wishes among people of the district so that it can be implemented). A summary of the campaign: Tehran has become the 13th most populous city in the world in less than a century. This rapid growth has caused an uneven and polar growth of the city, destroying its native cultures, traditions and creating a multicultural context instead. An issue which significantly reduces the efficiency of the city to create bridging networks, social participation and social capital. In addition, the political, social economy and spatial-social context of the city transform the requirements of civic participation and citizenship. The consequences of these evolving requirements are to limit and reduce urban participation. Therefore, one of the main Tehran's urban system problems is to restore the active spirit of citizens towards their city and its major issues. To address the problem, a campaign has recently been run, in a pilot phase (November the 3rd 2019) in one of Tehran's most popular local communities "Yusef Abad", three wishes got selected by people and they are coming true at the moment with the help of district's authorities. In the consequent phases, the campaign will expand to encompass all the neighborhoods of Tehran. This campaign is an attempt for sustainable development by focusing on planning at the micro level of urban life, in local communities, which are the points of social cohesion. The Tehran Wishes Campaign is designed to create a mutual relationship between citizens and city managers in the capital city of Iran. It has brought together four bodies of the urban management community to identify citizen's problems and suggesting solutions. The campaign aims to hear Tehranian's desires and aspirations in a transparent and immediate way, in order to meet their needs and improve their quality of life. To achieve this goal, a system has been set up in cyberspace, so that citizens can express their wishes for a better city. It happens through a website or an application on their cellphones. They can make different wishes about improving their neighborhood and then by liking and commenting on the other citizen's wishes (in the website), they are able to select the most important demands and aspirations of the neighborhood. The wishing process leads to the executive phase when the municipal authorities try to fulfill the people desires.
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