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Being seed/food TECH, Horti family funder to small scale farmers since 1975, was nominated distributors of EU/USA SEED companies. Our funding to farmers is at buyback agreement for annual produce, suffered losses in agriculture. The entire INNOVATED researchers of food/agriculture have collaborated at various loss stations for the achievement of sustainability at Farming stations, Domestic/village stations, Fruit vegetable market stations, Grain cereal market stations, Storage stations and Seasonal processing stations/infrastructure. At all above seasonal/infrastructure stations/mobile drying facilities such as sun drying/peeling/grading/threshing etc, were provided to maintain sustainable development. Our innovative production sheets totally changed the agriculture parameters, and the vision of losses was eliminated. The community was mobilized technically which enhanced social-economic up-gradation, above mentioned TECHNOLOGIES, were carried out to achieve health economics/ SDGs. Similarly innovated training centers on pre-harvest bases installed at the above stations with proper processing parameters and the technical planning/implementation/monitoring/management introduced in agricultural processing. Prior to 1975, we developed multiple value-added scientific processing parameters sheets to eradicate natural disasters by ensuring the economic diversity and resilience with value-added intermediate technologies as per sourcing sites which improved healthy equalities in RURAL areas. All other damaging challenges were resolved scientifically to improve innovational nutritional biological farming, and we entirely changed the food agriculture system by application of value-added multiple intermediate farming economical technologies. All identified issues were converted into sustainable lifecycle systems, technical saving solutions of our inputs developed food/agriculture partnerships for SUSTAINABLE equity, elaborated AGRI approaches emerged into sustainable developments in RURAL environments with climatic changes, affordable sustainability is being applied at sourcing sites to gain natural resourcing with cross-cutting value-added technological parameters. Due to the instant killing of perishability/weight-volume by AGRI TECH expertise developed sustainability which controlled affectively our timely researched applications. We started the implementation of SDGs/climatic conditions during 1980 with innovated sustainability, killed poverty in approachable areas with climatic change, and provided technological-based solutions with unique methodologies which converted old losses vision to innovated organized productivity with sustainable dried processing developments, source effective partial drying applicable potential impacted to sustainable consumption/production processing which eradicated unsustainable agriculture vision. Local sourcing of raw material processing/private label packing/sales have totally affected the normal practice of life and the local economic competition at the neighboring level has scaled up, small scale industries such as grinding-machines/threshing-lines have also been modified for multiple processing, and has created strong economic potential level and dominated non-activities challenges in the economy. At the moment we are in the capacity to save 1/3rd losses of food during 2020-2021 instead of 2050. 40 years of innovated tech in sustainability may be applied for the saving of 1/3rd food losses for the killing of hunger/poverty in the world. There are 40-45 crops in losses, our IN-HOUSE technologies invented a common dried processing plant for the total range of 50 crops, reshaped EU/USA dried processing-lines by the conversion of 40Ft FCL-containers into tunnel/trolley type driers and prices are comparatively 20 times less than others prices. Being the innovator of industrial/future based AGRI TECH in sustainability invented technical/industrial processing-solutions. Multi-dimensional technological drying approaches have been applied to kill sourcing loss, and we faced against losses as a FRONT FIGHTER ORGANIZATION in the world. Until all researchers failed to give technological solutions, but we are the innovator for practical approaches of technological drying solutions, offer our technological solutions to ISPOR for killing hunger/poverty in any part of the world for any crop. In short innovated multiple technologies are capable to start saving 1/3 losses under the partnership of ISPOR.
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