Building resilient community life circle in the post-epidemic era in China

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China has success in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic in the first phase, then China has entered the period of virus control normalized, the concept of "resilience city", which takes urban development and public safety into consideration, has again attracted attention in the field of urban disaster prevention and mitigation. When dealing with the epidemic, community, as the basic element of urban governance, is the main “battlefield” of public health prevention and the last line of defense for public safety by citizens ourselves. Based on the analysis from both domestic and foreign countries epidemic control efforts, this paper taking Shanghai community's response to the epidemic as an example, propose that we should apply grid management mechanism into the community public health security. Aiming to build a community living circle unit network in the post-epidemic era in China, using overall spatial planning, community co-governance, technological innovation, peacetime and wartime combination, building an intelligent monitoring and early warning mechanism and a normalized resilience assessment mechanism,to strengthen community resilience.
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4: Safeguarding the Urban Resilience
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