Baseline and Inovation: An Inter-district Ecological Integration Planning Practice in Jinan and Qihe

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This paper is a case study on the ecological integration planning of inter-district regions ,which is based on the planning project between two cities in China ,Jinan and Qihe. For the purpose of creating an integrated ecosystem, this study researched how to connect and protect the farmlands, rivers, forests, habitats and walking routes of the inter-district cities on both sides of the Yellow River.Afterwards,this paper proposed to stick to the baseline of the region ecosysytem for the sake of ecological safety and carried out an ecological planning innovation to establish an regional landscape and entertaiment paradise. This study is a timely response to the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 and China's Nantional Development Strategy of Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of the Yellow River Basin. This paper is located in the discipline of regional plan or ecological plan and literature research and case study is used in this paper. Firstly, by researching related concepts and corresponding planning process, it is simultaneously found that the study on inter-district ecological integration plan is an important study focus of urban and rural planning in China nowadays. Secondly, based on the analysis of the current development background of Jixi and Qihe, it is proposed that Jinan and Qihe need to follow the development path of ecological integration. Next, after analying all ecological elements in two inter-distict cities, this study put forward three main plan strategies in three different levels: Consolidate the baseline of the region ecosysytem in the large region level,Establish an regional landscape and entertaiment paradise in core region level and Set up supporting action packages of wetland protection and management in the action level. Fninaly, this work is generally applicable in planning projects of ecological integration development in inter-district areas.
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