Study on land-use around rail transit stations based on TOD theory Taking Wudaokou subway station in Beijing as an example

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With the rapid development of Beijing's economy and society and the continuous expansion of urban space, the improvement of urbanization level and the substantial increase of population have brought a series of urban problems, such as environmental pollution, traffic congestion, resource waste, etc. In this regard, the government proposes to vigorously develop public transport, especially to increase the construction of rail transit network to solve urban transport problems. transit-oriented development(TOD )mode is a land development mode dominated by rail transit. Through the mixed use of land, a good walking environment is established, so as to achieve the coordination of transportation and space. This paper analyzes the current situation and problems of Beijing's urban rail transit development, and concludes that Beijing's urban traffic problems are: the concentration of central cities leads to the excessive concentration of traffic flow; the shortage of land resources, the difficulty of traffic construction; the acceleration of the process of motorization, the aggravation of traffic energy consumption, the excessive block scale, and the lack of walking system. Based on the study of TOD mode and in-depth study of the theory of urban rail transit construction and the experience of rail transit construction at home and abroad, This paper summarizes the current situation of the traffic space, residential space, commercial space and recreational space around the west entrance of Qinghua East Road of Beijing Metro, and puts forward the redesign of the traffic space, residential space, commercial space and recreational space, so as to form a continuous pedestrian road, independent bicycle lane, public transport station with recreational facilities; change the residential square and road clutter in the front square of the residential area Disordered spatial structure; the pedestrian space at the track station is appropriately enlarged in combination with the commercial center as the connecting square; the multi-functional use of street corner space. I hope that the analysis of Wudaokou metro station under TOD mode can provide reference for others to do TOD theory for urban rail transit station planning.
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