Watch the prerecorded presentations of Congress Presenters - Track 1

Track 1 | Session 1. Spatial and Functional Reorganisation of City

Michael Karassowitsch
The post-oil city as transition to what comes after: Imbuing Urban Green Deals with architectural value.
Ran Guo, Qing Yuan
Impact of Urban Compactness on Carbon Emission Efficiency in Small Towns in China 
Ilya Zalivukhin
Anatomy of the City 
Theodora Karanisa, Imen Saadaoui, Helmi Hamdi, Noora Fetais, Sami Sayadi
Food, Energy, Water and Waste management innovation in an urban context: a Qatar University Campus approach  

Track 1 | Session 2. Governance and Management


Sven Verbruggen, Jan Bunge, Sylvianne Van Butsele
From City Parks to Park-City: the Mechelen Case

Yonglong Mao, Mindong Ni, Yifan Shi
Research on the planning strategies of the city village reconstruction based on the concept of "Urban Regeneration" -- taking Haishu district of Ningbo China as an example

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