Mentor-A-Paper Programme

"Mentor-A-Paper" Programme is designed is to match authors (Mentees) with experienced ISOCARP Members (Mentors), to allow our young professionals for professional development through networking, guidance and sharing ideas between experienced members and young planning professionals.

The Mentor's role is to be in contact with the author; read the abstract and the draft of the paper; provide comments on the paper and help to guide the author to develop the paper. The Mentee's role is to work on refining the paper under the guidance of the Mentor.

It is entirely up to the Mentor and Mentee to decide how often they would like to stay in contact and work on refining the paper. Most usually the interaction is only virtual and depends on the specific case.

The Mentor's presence at the ISOCARP World Planning Congress is not required, although would be most encouraged. We hope that by this we can guarantee the best quality of the papers presented at the congress, and also that Mentor and Mentee would mutually benefit from the interaction and knowledge transfer.

We also aim to bring our Members closer together and provide assistance within the ISOCARP network. Each year we issue a call for Mentors and Mentees to match both sides. The call to become a Mentor has been successful and well-qualified Mentors are now supporting junior authors in writing their paper for the Congress.

Virtual Mentoring 

Opening date: 11 December 2020, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM CET

Within the circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic this year, we started to offer Virtual Mentoring Sessions between ISOCARP members and congress delegates. One of them acts as Mentor, a more experienced ISOCARP member, and the other one is a Mentee, who would like to learn more about the Society, and receive guidance on their career and professional development. The aim is to allow for professional development through networking, guidance and sharing ideas between experienced members and younger planning professionals. Mentors and Mentees apply to take part in the programme and they are matched by ISOCARP. Mentors meet with Mentees for a short online meeting in a time slot they arrange. Mentors explain how their professional work looks like, how they see the profession, how they benefit from being part of ISOCARP, what are the Society's activities, and give hints on career development etc. Both parties get to know each other. 


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