Instructions for Virtual Meeting Place (Gather.Town)

Gather.Town platform, the Congress' Virtual Meeting Place, is a platform that each participant can join without any additional registrationYou will receive the link via email and you will join the platform on your browser.  

Once you are re-directed to the platform you simply need to name your avatar with your full name, allow access for your camera and microphone, and click enter. Watch the tutorial video to get yourself familiar with the website.  

The platform is a proximity video chat - you are connecting with other participants while walking in short distance of their avatars. You are walking on the platform map using keyboard arrows. While meeting other participants through their avatars you are connecting your video with theirs, losing their connection while walking away. On the platform map there are also built-in interactive objects (exhibition banners and connections to the Congress Sessions on Zoom). You can see the banners and join the Zoom meeting as well by typing "x" on your keyboard. 

* is not supported on Safari (apologies Mac users) nor is it supported on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc). Please open the link to the platform through Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer, Opera, or Microsoft Edge.

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